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Your Photographer

Your Photographer

Hi! I'm Brittany! Here are a few things about me:

- I have been shooting for about 9 years now. 

- Weddings almost always make me cry. 

- I have a beautiful baby (he will always be a baby!!!).

-Living that Married Life to the Man of my DREAMS!!! <3

-I live in yoga pants when not working...#basic I know.

-My little farm is my life... horses, chickens, ducks, dogs, and whatever else decides it needs to be rescued.

- I have 15 chickens; all of them are  different.

- I believe that everything happens for a reason.

My mom is my best friend. She is amazing and I hope to one day be as strong and smart as she is.

- Traveling with my family is a must at LEAST once a year.

- I love music. I was raised country, merged into rock and roll and an occasional listener of mainstream.

- I have 2 dogs: Lola and Kenzie Four in the bed is Rough!! Pun intended!! =]

- If I squeeze your hand 3 times it means I love you.

- My horses are my first love. I've been riding since I was four! They are proof that God wants us to be happy.

- I love to photograph. My camera is with me all the time. I started off photographing my horses, then more horses, and more. Venturing off into the realm of other animals then one day deciding to photograph my sister. Ever since then... capturing the love of families has been so rewarding. Hey! We all start somewhere!

- I am an open book!! Ask me anything! Lets get coffee!!